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Apple to Build R&D Center in Beijing and Move Some Servers to China


Tencent Tech is reporting that during his recent trip to China, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook met with Beijing’s acting mayor Wang Anshun and discussed the company plans to set up a R&D Centre in Beijing.  According to the report, Wang Anshun has expressed his hope Apple’s investment and construction of a R & D center in Beijing is an opportunity to further deepen cooperation, and make better use of the rich intellectual resources in Beijing to promote the software and information services industries.

According to the report, Tim Cook also wants Apple to move a number of its servers for App Store and iTunes to China in order to improve the downloading speed for users in China.

This will definitely please many Apple fans. Cook has recently revealed  that China will eventually become Apple’s largest market.

“China has always been Apple’s most important market, is now our second largest market, I am convinced that in the near future, China will become Apple’s largest market in the coming years, Apple has launched localized products for the Chinese market,” Cook stated. “Apple already has 11 stores in the Greater China region, as well as many of our distributors in China, we will continue to expand the number of outlets to 25.”

Apple is reportedly looking to build its data center in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province or Inner Mongolia.

Source (Chinese): Tencent Tech

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