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Ex-Apple Employees Pascal Cagni &Tony Fadell Discuss Apple At LeWeb

Former Apple executives Pascal Cagni and Tony Fadell to about their former employer at The The LeWeb conference is running December 4, 5 & 6th in Paris.

According to 9to5mac:

[quote] Nest creator Tony Fadell sat down to talk about Nest, product design and the company’s future plans to bring Nest to 500 retail shops starting with Canada. Of course, as usual, Fadell’s former employer Apple was a topic of conversation. Fadell talks a little bit  about what he learned from Steve Jobs in terms of product design, and also his time at Philips compared to Apple and Nest.

Another interesting guest that makes an appearance is Apple’s former Vice President and General Manager for Europe, Middle East, and Africa Pascal Cagni who resigned back in May. Pascal talks about his time at Apple and and his former role at the company. He also talks about his working relationship with Steve Jobs, his continued admiration for the company, and secrecy at Apple.[/quote]






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