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Will.I.Am’s Views On The Future Of Technology



The BBC technology programme – Click has a very good interview with Will.I.Am.

Will.I.Am shared his views on a wide range of topics including, finding the next Steve Jobs in a reality TV show similar  to that of the X-Factor, Intel’s position in the mobile space and the future of interactive TV.

According the post:


The tech world sometimes needs a helping hand from global icons – superstars who shout from the rooftops about their passion for technology.

Happily there is one such evangalist. And he comes in the form of Black Eyed Peas lead singer Will.I.Am, who is also Director of Creative Innovation at Intel.

Richard Taylor finds out what draws the pop musician towards technology.[/quote]

In January 25, 2011, Will.I.Am was  announced as Intel’s director of creative innovation.




Source: BBC, Intel

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