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Samsung: We Don’t Want To Settle With Apple

Apple vs Samsung

“Samsung’s insistence that it has no plans to negotiate a settlement with Apple may simply be a head fake in a long-running legal game between the two companies.” John Lowensohn writes for CNET, “It’s foolish to rule out the possibility of peace between the two given how far the fight’s gone and how much is still left to sort out legally,say intellectual property and legal experts.”

“The myriad lawsuits involving iPhones, iPads, and Galaxy Smartphones and tablets is ultimately a proxy for an increasingly bitter rivalry between Apple and Google’s Android operating system, which has taken a dominant position in the Smartphone market.” Lowensohn reports. “The legal clashes, which have roped in Apple and several key Android partners, have rattled and distracted the industry,” Lowensohn writes.

According to Lowensohn:

[quote] One thing that could slow that from happening in the near term is that both parties have massive collections of patents, and plenty of money to burn on legal fees. Apple, for instance, closed out its fiscal 2012 with more than $121 billion in cash and other securities, enough to make the $1.05 billion it was awarded from Samsung by a California jury earlier this year look like a drop in the bucket.[/quote]

Source: CNET

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