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Ballmer: Sales Of Microsoft’s Surface RT Tab ‘Modest’

Microsoft Surface

According a report from the French website – Laparisien, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer shed some light on the sales of their new Microsoft’s Surface for Windows RT tablet.  Steve Ballmer was in Paris on Friday to promote the new Windows 8.

According to the report, Ballmer touted the current sales of their Surface RT as ‘modest’, however he believes Microsoft Pro would fare much better.

Here is part of the report (via Google Translate):

[quote] Re-election of Barack Obama, intellectual property issues with China, new products, Steve Ballmer says it all. “We sold 4 million upgrade of Windows 8 in the three days following the launch,” he told us. As for the new tablet from Microsoft called Surface, businessman confesses that the first sales start “modestly” but we announced the next marketing a “high-end” of its product – described as “unique “-” with a new Intel with a screen resolution higher ” [/quote]

If true, this does not bode well for Microsoft. The Redmond-based company was hoping that the Surface tablet will give them the much needed boast in the Post-PC era. Apple and Google has so been the dominate players on the mobile space.

Source: Laparisien

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