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Apple And Motorola Mobility Are In Talk To Resolve Patent Issues

Apple vs Motorola Mobility


Apple and Google’s subsidiary -Motorola Mobility are currently considering arbitration to resolve their patent lawsuits according to a report from Bloomberg. The talks are related to Motorola Mobility’s standard essential patents.

According to the Bloomberg report, “the companies have been exchanging proposals on using binding arbitration to reach a licensing agreement over patents that are essential to comply with industry standards on how phones operate. Such an agreement could lead to a global settlement of all of their patent disputes, Apple said in a filing yesterday.”

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In a recent filing, Apple stated that they are interested in resolving its dispute with Motorola completely and agrees that arbitration may be the best vehicle to resolve the parties’ dispute.

This is in response to a letter submitted by Google General Counsel Kent Walker, which stated:

[quote] We have long sought a path to resolving patent issues and we welcome the chance to build on the constructive dialogue between our companies. While we prefer to seek a framework for a global (rather than piecemeal) resolution that addresses all of our patent disputes, we are committed to reaching agreement on a license for our respective standard-essential patents.[/quote]

It’s still not clear how many non-essential standard patents Apple will bring to the negotiation. These are the patents Apple wants to keep for itself to differentiate the iOS from other mobile operating systems.

Source: Bloomberg

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