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Apple vs Samsung: Smartphones and Tablets sales revealed

Samsung vs Apple

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On Thursday Samsung’s legal team filed documents, which provide a detailed breakdown of the sales of both companies smartphones and tablets. Apple has been open about the number of devices they sold in their quarterly statement. Samsung on the other hands, has opt to only providing figures for the number of smartphones and tablets shipped with little detail on the specifics.

However, these document revealed that Samsung has seen a huge increase in number of tablets sold from 262,000 in Q4-2010 to 1.4 million in Q1&Q2-2012. This numbers are largely attributed to the introduction of the Galaxy 10.1 Tablets to the market.

Samsung also achieve large growth in smartphone shipment year-over- year. In 2010 the companies sold 4.8 million units, in 2011 – 11.8 million units and in the first two quarts of 2012 – 21.5 million units. This is incredible, Samsung has almost double last year sales of smartphone in just two quarts!

Apple’s figures revealed 85.9 million iPhones units sold up to Q2-2012. This figure excludes the sales of iPhone 4S. The iPad sold 34 million units of iPads up to Q2 2012, this figure does include the new iPad.

Apple is claiming damages of up to 2.8 billion due to loss of sales and revenue from Samsung’s infringing products.

Sales of Apple’s and Samsung’s Smartphones and Tablets

Source: USCourts

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